Vaurien World Championships 2019 – Colico, Lago di Como, Italy

The 58th edition of the Vaurien World Championships will be held in Lago di Como in northern Italy in 2019. Organised by ASVaurien Italy, the Vaurien World Championships is an annual sailing yacht regatta reserved solely for small boats in the Vaurien class. In 2018, 65 boats from Europe and Africa competed in the competition.

What is a Vaurien Sailing Yacht?

Designed by Jean-Jaques Herbulot, these small sailing yachts carry just one or two seafarers at a time and can reach speeds of up to 40 knots, guaranteeing an intense on-water experience. The specifications of the 36,500 or so high-performance boats that have been produced are so precise that each Vaurien yacht is given an individual sail number. Each Vaurien sailing yacht spans 4.08m in length and 1.60m across, with a mainsail of 7.6m2 and a total hull weight of 73kg. The boats’ consistent measurements mean that the Vaurien World Championship tests seafarers’ skills above all else.

Who won the Vaurien World Championships last year?

After competing in 14 races over a period of six days, Francesco Zampacavallo and Carlos Frances Armengot of Spain emerged victorious at the 57th edition of the sailing yacht rally. Spanish teams also clinched second and third positions, meaning Spain dominated the podium.

Who can compete in the annual sailing yacht regatta?

The competition is open to all participants, whether young or old, male or female, and is invariably accompanied by a busy schedule of festivities and celebrations, meaning the entire family can enjoy the course of events.

When is the 58th Vaurien World Championships 2019?

The next edition of the regatta will take place from 21st – 27th July 2019. Registration opens at 10am on the Sunday, while the closing ceremony takes place after the final race on the following Saturday.